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Nonprofit and Civic Engagement Center

Nonprofit and Civic Engagement Center

History of NPACE

Carpenter Building Communication Department - Columbus State University

In 2001, the Communication Department at Columbus State University applied service learning by experience techniques to the curriculum for the first time in two courses – Political Communication and Group Communication. The question professors were asking was: What better way to teach the power of group formation than to allow students to experience team building while serving the community? What began as a part of course requirements for our majors has grown into a program that reaches over 100 local non-profits representing over 10,000 student service-learning volunteer hours.

Today, NPACE Academic Center is located on the first floor of our Communication Department in the Carpenters Building on 9th street. This center is accessible to local non-profit agency representatives who seek our assistance. NPACE makes students (enrolled in courses, independent studies, internships, or scholarships with embedded service learning components), faculty, and retired or on-loan professionals with a passion for service, available to bridge the gap between resources and needs. Through research, education, and outreach activities NPACE Academic Center provides knowledge and tools that enhance the effectiveness of those who govern, manage, provide programs and services, volunteer for and support nonprofit organizations.

NPACE, allows Communication Majors opportunities to integrate mind, body, and spirit into their learning experience while local nonprofits benefit by expanding human and fiscal capacity. Allow us to assist with your research, training and development, audio and video technology, business or financial needs to help you make a difference in our community.