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Nonprofit and Civic Engagement Center

Nonprofit and Civic Engagement Center

NPACE's Approach

How NPACE Functions:

Of better than 6,000 businesses, there are over 4,800 non-profit organizations that make up the economic structure and fabric of greater Columbus and the Chattahoochee Valley region. As stated previously, NPACE serves as a bridge between the Department of Communication and the Chattahoochee Valley’s large, passionate non-profit culture.

In order to meet the needs of the non-profit organizations that partner with the NPACE Center, the Department of Communication employs a structure similar to most independent public relations or strategic communication firms. At the top of the structure is our NPACE Director and NPACE staff, who serve as primary contacts for organizations interested in working with the NPACE Center. The administrative staff at NPACE will bring our non-profit partners together with our faculty and staff, who serve as account managers. The account managers serve as liaisons for the clients for the duration of their specific projects with the NPACE Center and pair them with specific students and student groups that can best meet their needs. Finally, our students function as staff members assigned to specific accounts, where they complete the daily task load for each non-profit organization.

By employing the same organization and delegation of contemporary communication firms, we are effectively managing the needs of our non-profit partners while preparing our students for a contemporary work environment.

Services Provided by NPACE:

  • Internal and External Research
  • Internal Relations Campaigns
  • Communication Audits
  • Internal Communication Consults
  • Multimedia Productions
  • Web Design
  • Strategic Communications Planning
  • Public Relations/Marketing Consultation
  • Media Coaching
  • Professional Training and Development
  • Broadcast Support
  • Graphic Design