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Nonprofit and Civic Engagement Center

Nonprofit and Civic Engagement Center

NPACE Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is comprised of 10 community leaders and 10 Communication Department alumni who are the backbone to our organization; using their talents and strengths to direct us in areas of marketing, fundraising, branding, and networking opportunities for our students as they work through NPACE. These individuals will assist us in communicating the goals and standards of our mission to the community. Each member of the Advisory Board brings years of experience and specialized skills that are an asset to our unique blending of theory and service learning curriculum.

Pam Fair Pam Fair
Columbus Health Department
Public Relations
Information Coordinator

Paul Fincher Paul Fincher
Cricket Communications
Retail Business Manager

Billy Holbrook Billy Holbrook
Proposal Writer

David Pope David Pope
Information Technology
Division, Global SAP
Operations Department
as a Senior Lead ERP

Leigh Yaughn Leigh Yaughn
Account Relations

Kat Cannella Kat Cannella
CSU's Continuing
Program Manager